About Source & Binary

Source & Binary was founded in 2020 to build secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure for clients who need a solid foundation for their SaaS products. In 2022, consulting services gave way to full-time support of Substrate and its growing customer base.

Richard Crowley

Richard Crowley began his descent down the stack into operations engineering at Flickr and OpenDNS. More recently he spent six years in engineering leadership and as Principal Engineer at Slack. He helped the company grow from 20 to 2,000 employees, thousands to tens of millions of users, and from venture-backed startup to public company.

He was a member of the AWS Customer Advisory Board while at Slack.

After leaving Slack, he created Substrate to codify much of what he'd learned about operating secure, reliable, and compliant cloud infrastructure.

Travis Cole spent six years at Square leading the network and datacenter teams, leading multiple datacenter expansions, payment partner integrations, and hiring multiple teams through a a period of huge growth.

He went on to lead the SRE team at Segment, including as the engineering lead for The $10m engineering problem project. He led the Cloud Infrastructure team at Confluent and learned how exciting it is to manage over 1000 Kubernetes clusters across AWS, GCP and Azure.